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Pre Slaughter Conditions for Animals / Poultry

Only animals and poultry that fulfill the following will be allowed for slaughter:

  • All animals and poultry must be healthy, free from any signs of wounds and disease, or any form of disfigurement.
  • Animals and poultry should be treated in a humane manner prior to slaughter. Any ill treatment, beating, acts that may cause stress or fear are strictly forbidden on all animals and poultry awaiting slaughter.
  • Any acts of injury or cutting is prohibited on animals prior to their slaughter.

  Conditions of Slaughter

The slaughtering of Halal animals should be fully separated from the slaughter of non Halal animals. Halal slaughter should be carried out according to the following regulations:

  • Halal slaughter should be performed only by a Muslim (not Kitabi or others) who is sound of mind, mature and who fully understands the fundamental rules and conditions related to slaughter of animals is Islam.
  • The animals to be slaughtered must be animals that are Halal and can be eaten by Muslim.
  • The animal must be fully alive or deemed to be alive at the time of slaughter.