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Halal Slaughter Man / Inspector Registration

  • All new and existing applicants for registration must be practicing Muslims of good character and faith and must be known by at least two prominent Australia Muslims who are prepared to write a reference about them.
  • All new Slaughter men must obtain a reference letter from the Imam of the Mosque where the Slaughter man is well known.
  • The Slaughter man must attend a practical and theoretical course for a period of two weeks.
  • They must be allowed to work in Australia and be members of an Islamic Society.
  • All Halal Slaughter men must register with the GLOBAL HALAL TRADE CENTRE AUSTRALIA  PTY LTD (GHTC)  annually and obtain a current Identity Card (I.D card) before they may begin Halal Slaughtering.
  • All Halal Slaughter men and personnel must carry their I.D. Cards at all times while doing Halal Slaughtering.
  • Registration as a Halal Slaughter man is subject to approval by the State Director.  Although registration of Muslim Slaughter men is undertaken by the Australia Meat and Livestock Corporation the GHTC  reserves the right to appoint and dismiss applicants at its discretion.
  • All I.D. cards are to remain with the GHTC until specific work has been arranged for registered members.
  • Being issued a Slaughter man ID card by no means guarantees the applicant employment in an abattoir or Halal meat Establishment.
  • Possession of a Halal Slaughter man ID card qualifies the applicant to be considered for employment by an abattoir or a meat work nominated by the GHTC
  • The GHTC  reserves the right to transfer, promote or demote any Slaughter man as it sees fit.
  • If requested, Slaughter men will be required to pass a medical examination conducted by the establishment’s Medical practitioner in line with company employment policies.
  • All Slaughter men must comply with all health and hygiene requirements as detailed in the establishment’s induction program, quality system or other relevant programs in place.
  • All Slaughter men will comply with all Occupational Health and safety program requirements or practices as detailed in the establishment’s induction program or Occupational Health and Safety program.